Starting with the End in Mind
At Heidi Mixon Imagery your entire experience will be built around what your end goal is. Whether it be contemporary portraits to display on the walls throughout your home, hand crafted heirloom albums that tell your story, or gift prints to share with loved one. Heidi will help guide you through the process.
What to Expect Before your Session
During your pre-session consultation all your questions will be answered, including: location, time of day, clothing, creative vision and who can come with you will all be covered. Please bring all your questions to this conversation for a smooth hassle free session day! A session day will be selected and the session fee paid to reserve your special day.
What to Expect During Your Session
Fun and laughter. Heidi's extrovert personality allows her to easily connect with people. She'll having you laughing along side her before you session is complete. Her attention to detail and problem solving skills are on point so the day of your session should be smooth and easy!
What to expect after your session?
With in 3 weeks Heidi will schedule a viewing and ordering session. Here you will have time to look at and select the images for your final product order. (This is where your print credits come in handy!!!) After the reveal and order session, products will be delivered to your door within 4 week!
Each session will vary on cost depending on the type of session. Please call Heidi to discuss all the details of your special day. All session fees must be paid in full prior to your session. Wall Portraits, heirloom albums, keepsake boxes and gift prints will be ordered separately during your reveal and ordering session.
Cell Phone Use
Cell phones are allowed to be used to take behind the scene footage of your session. This is a great way to start working on your referral rewards, however cell phones are NOT permitted to take the same picture that your paying me to take for you!
Referral Rewards
Yes I have a referral rewards system. Word of mouth is the way to go these days and good karma well you can't go wrong there. Contact me for the details of how it works!
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